• Discover Our Collection of Luxury Villa Rentals and Riads in Marrakech ..
  • Discover Our Collection of Luxury Villa Rentals and Riads in Marrakech ..
  • Enjoy your Favorite Sport or Activity in Marrakech, assisted by our Concierge Service Experts
  • Luxury Riad for Exclusive Rental in Marrakech, for Groups of Friends and Families
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About Us

Premium Keys is the leading firm for 'luxury villa rentals in Marrakech ' . We strongly believe that luxury and service are not confined to the finest five-star hotel suites. Each of our Marrakech villa rentals are carefully selected by our professional staff to offer the utmost in comfort and style resulting in the perfect vacation experience.

 Choose to be away from it all in a luxury villa set on a vast estate surrounded by fragrant gardens. For those seeking a more traditional experience, we offer several Marrakech riad located in the heart of the Medina or old town. Many of our luxury villas are also perfect locations to host special events in Marrakech such as weddings, corporate gatherings or film shoots. [Learn more]


 In addition to our exclusive villa rentals, Premium Keys can also organize private and corporate events throughout Marrakech. From venue selection down to the smallest detail, we can insure the successful outcome of any business gathering or celebratory event. Our personalized Wedding planning services will fulfill your dream of a memorable and magical day. [Learn more]


For your convenience, Premium Keys can handle all your transit and private / chauffeured car rentals needs at very competitive prices. A wide range of private car rentals and chauffeured vehicles are available, including limousines for special occasions as well as vintage and high-end exotic cars. [Learn more]

Our core mission is to provide our guests with an unforgettable holiday experience and to establish enduring relationships by providing unmatched service through our unique luxury concierge services program available day and night.


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  • Our villas & riads

    Premium Keys takes pride in offering its guests a fine selection of properties in and around Marrakech. For those seeking to be away from the hustle and bustle, our luxury villas are the perfect answer. For a different experience, browse our collection of boutique riads located just a short walk from the Jemaa El Fna square.

  • Our Car rentals

    Need an airport transit or a car hire with or without a chauffeur? Premium Keys offers a selection of vehicules of all kinds; standard sedans, luxury  and sport cars, limousines as well as vintage cars.

  • Activites

    Premium Keys will accompany you throughout your stay, providing you a dedicated concierge who will assist you in the planning of different activities. Either you want to ride around the Palmeraie on a camel or feel like enjoying a Golf journey in one of the best Golf clubs in Marrakech? Relax, your concierge will take care of everything!

Villas VS Hotels

Among the many legacies of classical Rome, the villa and the attraction of a comfortable country retreat have never gone out of favor. While the concept has evolved over the centuries and spread in many parts of the world, the basic idea remains the same: a spacious, luxury abode affording privacy and relaxation. Marrakech is a prime destination for those seeking to experience life in a luxury villa. For a short holiday or seasonal stays, near the city or in the country, renting a villa will meet and exceed all expectations.

Many world travelers have already discovered the benefits of renting a luxury villa in Marrakech and no longer bother with hotel suites. Hotels have their qualities but remain public places despite architectural and decorating attempts to the contrary. At best, they offer convenience when traveling on business from one airport to another, but the constant flow of people doesn’t exactly inspire romance or relaxation. While a villa... with its well-appointed en-suite bedrooms, manicured gardens, spacious living and dining rooms... will offer above all tranquility and privacy throughout your stay. Not to mention the exclusive use of a pool, the terraces, the traditional hammam...

Having your own villa means having your own personal cook, gardener and housekeeper; experienced people committed to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. This level of personalized service cannot be found in a hotel, however luxurious. It also means being able to experience authentic Moroccan cuisine and of course, the warmth and hospitality the people of Morocco are known for. In fact, in its 2013 Travel and Tourism Report, the World Economic Forum ranked the country third in the world for the attitude of its people toward foreign visitors. Only Iceland and New Zealand had better ranking, by the slightest of margins.

The most basic argument in favor of renting a luxury villa in Marrakech is cost. The fact that a villa can comfortably host between 6 and 20 people will result in a lower total cost compared to a similar stay in a five-star hotel. And once all the advantages of renting a villa are taken into consideration, there is only one choice.

* Winston S. Churchill, The Hinge of Fate

What's a Riad?

A riad is a traditional Moroccan family house or a larger palace built around an indoor courtyard which often showcases a water fountain. Riads are found in the older section of historical cities, areas known as Medinas.


Derived from the Arabic word ‘ryad’, which means garden, one of the riad’s characteristic is its inward orientation which rarely features any external openings other than the entrance door. This particular architectural design offers privacy, protection from the sun and keeps street noise to a minimum. The ground floor is where the living room, kitchen, dining room and other common areas are located and face the central courtyard. The courtyard or central patio is the centerpiece of the Riad. Inspired by the desert oasis, it usually incorporates greenery and/or a small shallow pool of water which has the property of cooling ambient air flowing from the roof opening. Bedrooms occupy the upper floors, most family Riads have between two and four levels. From the top floor, the roof terrace can be reached and may feature a Berber tent to offer shade from the sun and various lounging furniture. Depending on their location and neighborhoods, most Riads’ terraces offer sweeping panoramic views.

The cradle of beauty

Located near the foothills of the majestic Atlas Mountains, in existence for almost a thousand years, Marrakech is the most important imperial city in Morocco with a population of just under a million. Known as the 'Red City', it owes its nickname to the red sandstones used in the construction of the wall surrounding the ever lively Medina. Throughout its history, Marrakech has been and remains an important center of trade and culture radiating beyond Morocco and North Africa. A city of contrasts, movements and colors, the constant interaction between past and present, new and old, makes Marrakech unique and provides endless discoveries.

From the world famous Jemaa El Fna square and the souks to the wide boulevards and avenues of the 'Ville Nouvelle', Marrakech combines sophistication and authenticity, a blend of Berber, Arabic, Saharan and European influences that never fails to charm and impress the most discerning travelers. [Learn more]

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